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Southern Tanzania safaris are travel packages crafted with accommodation comfort-ability and high end amenities which clients prefer.

The location of the lodges also matters a lot considering tranquility. The lodges are rated differently and are also priced different and this affects the price of the safari.

Amenities in the lodges include swimming pools, Conference centers, WiFi, Satellite TV and Gift shops. Luxury tented camps also lie in this category.

Safari Packages

Three Days Mikumi Lodge Safari
Mikumi Lodge Safari
Three Days Ruaha Lodge Safari
Ruaha Adventure Safari
Three Days Selous Lodge Safari
Selous Lodge Safaris
Mikumi - Udzungwa Mountain Lodge Safari
Mikumi - Udzungwa Mountain Lodge Safari
Five Days Ruaha - Mikumi Lodge Safari
Five Days Ruaha - Mikumi Lodge Safari
Selous - Mikumi - Ruaha Adventure Safari
Selous - Mikumi - Ruaha Adventure Safari
Katavi - Mahale Chimpanzee Tracking Lodge Safari
Katavi - Mahale Chimpanzee Tracking Lodge Safari

National Parks

Selous Game Reserve is Africa’s largest protected wildlife reserve. Its rivers, hills, and plains are home to roaming elephant populations, the area’s famous wild dogs, and some of the last black rhino left in the region.

The Rufiji River is the largest water catchment locations in the region, and as such, is home to a plethora of varied water and bird life. Along its shores, oppulent hippos sleep languidly in the mud. Crocodiles are also common along the Rufiji’s riverbanks. Accommodation at Rufiji River Camp.

Mikumi National Park lies in the South of Tanzania and offers the visitor an amazing natural experience, a unique and special part of the Tanzania safari. With far fewer visitors than the north and a heavy concentration of game, a safari to Mikumi is always rewarding. Accommodation at Vuma Hills Tented Camp.

Ruaha National Park is Tanzania’s 2nd biggest park and host to a number of animals which rare or absent in the North. The rare animals include the African Wild dog, roan and sable antelope and the greater kudu.

The Great Ruaha River, which provides life to the park, flows through the eastern side of the park and is home to hippos, crocodiles and a variety of water birds. Accommodation at Ruaha River Lodge or Jongomero Camp.

  • Do not Litter the reserve/park.
  • Do not feed the animals, i.e. monkeys or baboons.
  • Do give the animals the right of way and do not disturb wildlife.
  • Do not take any plant or animals remains, dead or alive.
  • Do not start fires or throw cigarettes in the reserve.
  • Do stay in your vehicle except at designated viewing points.
  • Do not shout, laugh loudly, play radio or cassettes as this will keep away the animals.
  • Do not provoke any animals its dangerous.