Nairobi - Arusha - Moshi Shuttle Bus Services Overview

Transfer services from Nairobi - Arusha - Moshi and vice versa are available everyday of the week. Traveling by coach is cheaper than flying to Arusha. This services is ideal for people who are traveling to Arusha or Moshi either for business or recreation activities like Mt. Kilimanjaro Climbing or Tanzania Safari. Our coaches have a capacity of 25 passengers and plenty of room for your luggage. You can be picked from any hotel within the city centre or the airport.


  • Pick up from the hotel to the rendezvous point - 0800 hrs - 0820 hrs
  • From the CBD to the airport - 0830 hrs - 0900 hrs
  • Airport to the Namanga border crossing 0915 hrs - 1100 hrs
  • Namanga border crossing to Arusha 1120 hrs - 1300hrs
  • Arusha to Moshi 1310 hrs - 1500 hrs

Nairobi Arusha Moshi Shuttle Services

From To Departure Price Per Person
Nairobi Arusha 0800hrs $25
Nairobi Arusha 1400hrs $25
Nairobi Moshi 0800hrs $30
Arusha Nairobi 0800hrs $25
Arusha Nairobi 1400hrs $25
Moshi Nairobi 0600hrs $30

The journey should take about five hours including Immigration and Customs at the border post town of Namanga. The driver will show you where to go to get the necessary stamps for your passport. The shuttle will give out immigration cards for you to fill in whilst you travel. To do this in advance will save time at the border post remember to travel with a pen to save on unnecessary stress.
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