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Goshawk Tours is a local tour company based in Nairobi, We pride ourselves to providing above board services. Our specialty is tour planning which en tales prior booking of hotels, organizing different modes of transport desired by the client. We over see the day to day activities that our clients wish to undertake, i.e. game viewing, boat rides, balloon safaris, walking adventures, air travel and putting together camping gear for mountain climbing and out door camping.

We effectively plan your holiday vacation taking into account of your preference in terms of accommodation, preferred touristic sites and the composition of fellow tour members. Your visit to Africa, a land that boast of many recourses such parks, reserves and white sandy beaches which have unlimited tranquility can be organized to the precise detail. Give us the opportunity to put together your dream holiday and all that is left is for you to enjoy the best that Africa has to offer.

We understand that the best marketing tool out there is "word of mouth". In this relation we make sure that our services meet the desired standard and in return we are assured of repeat clients as well as recommendations to potential clients.

Goshawk Tours staff is comprised of very knowledgeable sales representative that have lived in East Africa and have toured the region extensively. This gives the sales team a high level of professionalism and are able to advice potential clients on what to expect while touring Africa as well as activities that can be undertaken at different tour sites.

You will always be met at the airport by one of representative on your arrival with a broad smile; the representative will brief you and also introduce you to our driver guides. Our driver guides are well trained and also have massive experience on wildlife. They speak fluent English and conduct themselves with a high working etiquette.

Why Book Your Holiday with Goshawk Tours
  • As a local tour operator we understand the East Africa region more than others.
  • We design your own itinerary untill it suits your preference no matter how many changes.
  • After agreeing on the itinerary no further changes are made.
  • We reply to your request within 01 working day to save your valued time.
  • We provide qualified staff, experienced tour guide, well-maintained vehicles, good restaurants, best hotels and lodges.
  • We organize safaris on any desired budget.
  • We listen to our customers' and also offer sound advice where necessary.
Our Daily Departures Safaris

People of Kenya

Most of Kenyan people dwell in rural areas, the urban population is approximately 25%. There are 42 tribes in Kenya, the main tribes being the luo, kikuyu, kalejin, kisii, kamba, masai, meru and turkana. The rest of the tribes comprise of 15% of the population .

The local language languages still strongly exist but Swahili is the national language while English is the official language. The people of Kenya are as diverse and contrasting as the county's land scape.

The diversity in culture is evident in the different ways of life; the hierarchical relationships among the people, the different ways traditional houses are constructed, dress code and adornment of dress accompaniments, musical taste and traditional musical instruments, ceremonies and festivals, cuisine and the ways in which the foods are prepared, preserved, served and consumed. For sure every part of Kenya you travel to you will experience some thing unique about the locals and there way of life.

Kenya Safaris

cheetah, masai mara kenyaKenya is named after Mount Kenya or Kirinyaga meaning "The mountain of whiteness" which lies almost at the centre of the country and marks the highest point in the region. Kenya straddles the equator and cover an area of 580, 367km2. Kenya borders Somali, Ethiopia, Sudan, Uganda and Tanzania. Most of the northern region is sparsely populated

Kenya displays a wide contrast in topography and climate. The startling contrast of landscape and the outstanding natural beauty of the country is indeed a jewel to marvel at. From the savannah in the south, the desert of the north, to Lake Victoria the second largest fresh water lake in the world located to the west, the tropical beaches in the east, and the snow capped peaks of Mount Kenya. Kenya has a great variety to offer even to the most demanding tourist. The country boasts of more than eighty major species of animals and over one thousand species of birds both migratory and terrestrial.

Since the country straddles the equator the climate remains stable all year round. The days are sunny and hot, and the nights are cool and cold. January and February are the hottest months; march and may it is wet "Long Rains"; June to august are the coldest months; October to December is wet "Short Rains".

The coastal region "Mombasa" is always hot; average day time temperatures fall between 27 -31 degrees centigrade. The average temperatures in Nairobi fall between 21 - 26 degrees centigrade while the rest of the country temperatures depend on altitude.

Kenya has earned a distinction of great wildlife destination. Kenya a land of diversity and contrast has so much to offer. Music and dance is unique to the people of Kenya with various community and culture. The unique wildlife variety, parks, reserves and sanctuaries that wildlife roam freely is price less to the economy of Kenya and that's why conservation efforts have been on the fore front of the government of Kenya.

Kenya boasts of many attraction of flora and fauna. This ranges from the annual wilderbeast migration that happens at the majestic plains of Maasai mara, a 7th wonder of the world that is a magnificent spectacle to witness. The northern frontier is another unique circuit which forms the northern kenya and is the driest area in kenya. Animals in this area have adapted to the harsh temperatures. Samburu national reserve, home to the gerenuk (the long necked girrafe) is one of the attractios of this region.

The lakes within the Rift Valley are another attraction. Some lakes are salty and others fresh water lakes. More than 400 different bird species can be viewed, Lake Nakuru (the worlds birds paradise) has over a million flamigos. Kenya's culture is diverse and interesting and thus one gets to learn and interact with the locals .The white sandy Beaches make Mombasa a heaven of relaxation that heightens an end to a kenyan holiday travel. Our well organized safari to Maasai mara, Lake Nakuru, Lake Naivasha, Lake Baringo, Lake Bogoria, Lake Turkana, Samburu, Aberdare, Sweetwaters, Mount Kenya, Amboseli, Tsavo west, Tsavo East Taita Hills and many other parks and game reserves will fullfill your dream holiday vaccation.

Tanzania Safaris

lion lake manyaraTanzania is the home of the highest free standing mountain in the world and the highest mountain in Africa, Mt Kilimanjaro boasts of many idilic sceneries. Serengeti national park a southern extention of the Maasai mara game reserve has endless plains which offer an owesome game viewing experience.

The northern region National Parks that is Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro crater, Arusha, Tarangire, Serengeti and Mt kilimanjaro combine very well with a kenyan safari due to the proximity of parks in Kenya and Tanzania. Trips to tanzania can be combined with game parks in kenya. One can undertake either a Budget camping safari or a lodge safari. One major activity to undertake in Tanzania is climbing Mount kilimanjaro through Marangu route or Machame route at a period of 6 days and 8 days. Read More <<

Uganda "The Perl of Africa"

Uganda the pearl of africa has an equitorial climate and the land is evergreen. One of the few countries with equtorial rain forest in Africa which are an ideal habitat of Mountain Gorillas mans closest relative. Mountain Gorillas are an endergered species with only a few remaining in protected forest such as Bwindi Impenetrable which is a santuary for almost half of the worlds population of mountain gorillas.

A gorilla trekking safari puts one in harmony with the transition of their exitence and it is a lifetime experience. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is one of the richest ecosystem in Africa and a part of the Bwindi impentrable Forest which is home to many different bird species, butter flys, frogs, chameleons and geckos among ather reptiles. One must have a gorilla treking permit in order to under take this safari. We organize gorilla treks and book permits

Hell's Gate Cycling & Walking Adventures

Hells Gate National Park offers unique day getaways. The park is only one and half hours drive from Nairobi. You can opt to do a game drive in our customized tour vans; game to view include warthogs, zebras, gazelles, buffalos, masai giraffes, elands, hartebeest. There has been no sightings for predators in the recent past.

You can opt for a cycling adventure always making a stop to take photos. The bike ride from the main entrance to the rangers post is seven kilometers. On arrival at the ranger post you proceed for a walking safari in the gorges and back to the rangers post for lunch.

Other activities that can be included in this adventure are rock climbing at the fitcher's tower. A visit to the olkaria geothermal power plant where you can see the hot steam jet out in the air. There is a swimming pool fed by the hot steamy water which is medicinal and a restaurant is under construction adjacent to the swimming pool. You can also take a boat ride at lake Naivasha followed by a walk at crescent island. All this activities can be done in a single day.

Mount Kenya Climbing Adventures

Africa's second highest mountain stands at 5199 metres above sea level. It has three peaks namely lenana at 3364metres, Batian at 5188metres, Nelion at 5199metres. There are three routes that one can use to hike the mountain. These are Sirimon route, Chogoria route and Naromoru route. Climbers must go through acclimatization before climbing.

One requires special gear for safe and enjoyable climbing which we can easily hire for use while climbing. Mount Kenya is very scenic and on a clear day you can see the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro. We offer Mount Kenya Climbing, Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing, Hiking Adventures, Mountaineering and Treking Trips. Mount Kenya is a significant water tower in Kenya and Kenyans depend on it for water supply.

Mount Kenya is regarded as a holy mountain by all the communities (Kikuyu and Meru) living adjacent to it. They believe that their traditional God Ngai and his wife Mumbi lived on the peak of the mountain and use it for their traditional rituals.

Mount Kilimanjaro Hiking Tours

One of the highest free standing mountain in the world Mount Kilimanjaro lies on the border between Tanzania and Kenya. Mt Kilimanjaro stands at 5895 metres (19,340 ft) above sea level. The mountain has three outstanding peaks namely shira at 3962metres(13,000 ft), mawenzi at 5149metres(16,896 ft) and kibo at 5895metres(19,340 ft). There are six routes that one can use to climb the mountain that is Marangu, Mweka, Umbwe, Machame, Shira and Rongai. Only four of these routes are commonly used.

Marangu route is the most popular route and almost used by 90% of climbers. This route is very scenic and has a well defined path.

Machame route is very scenic with sceneries like river valleys, shira plateau and Baranco wall. This route has minimal traffic and its more demanding thus requires climbers who are physically fit.

Rongai route is considered the easiest route to hike Mt. Kilimanjaro and the only route that starts on the north side of the mountain. Rongai has drier condition than other routes.

Shira route should only be used by climbers who can withstand high altitudes or acclimatized climbers since the route begins at an altitude of 3500 metres(11483 ft) above sea level and heads east to the centre of shira plateau and then joins up with Machame route at shira camp and approaches the summit via stella point descending via Mweka camp.

Kenya Honeymoon Holiday Vacation

Kenya honeymooner's holiday vacation safari is a tour for the romantic at heart. After tying the knot couples plan their honey moon differently, some spend their honey moon at exotic beaches like the sandy white beaches of Mombassa while others opt for a safari.

Honeymooner's safaris are really catching up and an alternative way of spending time with your loved one. We have designed this safari choosing the best lodges beautifully decorated. We organize Kenya Safaris, Vacation Honeymoon Safaris, Honeymoon Holidays East Africa, Honeymooning Safaris,African Honeymoon Safari, Wedding Safari Kenya, Wedding Safaris.

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